Rajar no. 6 camera e. c 8
Rajar no. 6 camera e. c 8
Rajar no. 6 camera e. c 8
Rajar no. 6 camera e. c 8

Rajar no. 6 camera e. c 8

Rajar no. 6 bakeliet balgcamera

Datering:jaren 30

Kleur: zwart

Conditie: de camera is niet getest
de metalen gedeeltes zijn iets gecorrodeerd
de balg is in goede staat

Breedte incl. balg: 11,5 cm
Breedte ongeopend: 3,3 cm
Lengte: 9 cm
Hoogte: 17 cm


Vintage Rajar no.6 bakelite bakelite folding camera

The Rajar No. 6 folding camera was made by the British camera makers' group APM. Rajar The No. 6 refers to Rajar's own film size. This camera was the first strut folder with all three main outer parts the body the back and the lens standard made of bakelite. The camera was introduced in 1929. Beyond that fact it was a quite basic camera model with meniscus lens behind an everset shutter that offers instant and time mode film advance by key with help by a red exposure counter window in the back and a reflecting type viewfinder. The finder as it is mounted above the lens opening behind a hole in the lens standard can be used for vertical exposures. For horizontal exposures the lever on which the finder is mounted can be swung out so that the finder is turned 90 degrees and positioned over the standard. The shutter release lever is placed below the lens standard. The camera was a strut folder with cross-swing struts. It made 8 6×9cm exposures on special Rajar film rolls for the square film drive of the camera. (camerapedia.wikia.com)

Condition: untested
the camera has some traces of use
the metal parts have some corrosion
the bellow is in the good condition

Marked at the back : only rajar no. 6 spool will fit this camera
pat. applied for

Width when camera is open: 115 cm (45")
Height: 17 cm (67")
Width when closed: 33 cm ( 13")
Length: 9 cm ( 36")

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